What is a pump station?
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Also known as sumps, pump well, or just never seen, pump stations are installed to cope with extra basements, extensions, annexes and more.

About LobsterPumps
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We have drawn on decades of waste water experience and cutting-edge technology to bring you reliability with 3 lines of defence.

Pump stations available from £395 for single basement sump, to £995 for a dual LobsterPump station with remote performance monitoring.

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Call 020 3915 3916 for help specifying the right system, shortest lead times, prices & supply, and (if you want) installation support.

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Defend yourself against unexpected costs

Big bills

Electricity bills?

Stuck floats and blocked pumps make pumps run on too long. You first find out when the bills arrive.

Burned-out pumps

Replacement pumps?

Quality pumps cost £100s to replace, plus the labour involved. Many issues can be prevented.

Wipes down the toilet

Mistakes by guests?

You know wet wipes and plastics can block and break pumps, but you don't want a bill when your guests forget.

Sewage emergency

Emergency call-outs?

Homeowners and landlords know the cost and hassle of backed up toilets and flood damage. Reduce the rush.

Choose LobsterPumps.